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The Best Organic Dry Cleaning in Bethesda, Maryland

We offer professional dry cleaning service to our customers by using superior name brand and detergents that are pollutant-free, toxic-free, and allergin-free. In order to ensure that our services are of the utmost care and quality, we separate all the clothes into colors, fabrics, level of cleaning that is needed. Unlike other cleaners that may try to cut corners by washing a mixture of every type of clothing into a load, we never mix clothes that smell of smoke, have heavy soils/stains, or have pet-hair into a single load. We treat our customers' clothing as we would treat our own.

Currently, we have installed a completely new system that utilizes absolutely no solvents or harmful chemicals. This bio-degradeable detergent based cleaning system will make your clothes smell fresh, the colors come to life, and will preserve the environment as well as your health. Come try for yourself and you will SEE, SMELL, and FEEL the difference!

    We're specialized in:

  • Organic Dry Cleaning System
  • Environmental Friendly Soaps and Spotters
  • Finest Hand Finishing
  • Specialized Stain Removal
  • Professional Shirts Laundry
  • Specializing in Wedding, Beaded and Sequined Gowns
  • Household-Comforter, Blanket, Tablecloth and Draperies
  • Leather and Suede
  • Re-weaving
  • Expert Tailor and Alterations
  • Same day service, regular price

    We are here to serve you with:

  • Hypo-Allergenic, Biodegradable Detergents
  • Efficiency
  • Professional Service
  • Reliability
  • Convenience
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